Lilie (1978)

Directed by John Gorrie  and Christopher Hodson

Writing credits David Butler and John Gorrie 

: Adventure / Drama / Romance

Plot Summary: Lillie Langtry, trapped in a loveless marriage, takes full advantage of her beauty, attracting many lovers and admirers including the Prince of Wales and Oscar Wilde. As her husband slowly drinks himself to death, Lillie embarks upon a sensational career as a somewhat talented yet beautiful actress in Britain and the United States. Throughout her life she attracts rich and sometimes brutal lovers, endures financial ruin and scandal, yet maintains her dignity, elegance, and a certain amount of her beauty until the end of her life.

Cast overview:
Francesca Annis .... Lillie Langtry
Anton Rodgers .... Edward Langtry
Denis Lill .... Prince of Wales (Bertie)/King Edward VII
Peter Egan .... Oscar Wilde
Jennie Linden .... Patsy Cornwallis-West
Patrick Holt .... Dean Le Breton
Peggy Ann Wood .... Mrs. Le Breton
Amanda Boxer .... Constance Wilde
Cheryl Campbell .... Sarah Bernhardt
Brian Deacon .... Frank Miles
Country: UK
Language: English